I am sort of confused about what I should do when I need to switch from my company provided health insurance over to a Medicare Advantage plan. There are so many acronym and different code words, for instance my wife says I need a blue medicare regional ppo. That would Blue Cross Florida I guess and PPO stands for preferred provider organization or participating provider organization. I have not really finished my research, but it does seem as though this is probably what I need. I am right in the middle of Florida, so I should have no trouble finding participating health care providers and I am pretty near certain that our family doctor is going to be covered. I am not so certain about the local medical center, which is far more convenient than driving into Orlando for me. I am confused about how I get from here to there however.

I understand that a Medigap plan might be needed to cover things that my other plan might not cover. I think that means when I have a Medicare Advantage plan though and I do not believe that is going to be needed. I am probably going to work right up until I am 65. The truth is that my boss acts as though he has no clue what he shall do when I am gone. They need me a lot and I am in no hurry to retire so long as my health remains good. I believe that a Medicare Advantage plan is mostly for people who retire before they are fully eligible to enroll in a real Medicare plan, but again I am not clear on any of these things. I suspect that I might go and see a friend of mine in Ocala. He works in Human Resources and I think he shall know what I should do better than I do.