Home Insurance BuildingI have been getting ready to buy a house for a couple of years now. Most of what I have done, has involved saving up money, in order to put towards the house down payment. That has taken a bit longer than I thought it would, but I am pretty much finished with the process. I have to find homeowners insurance before I purchase a house. I am getting close to picking out a house to buy,and I think I should try to close on a house within the next couple of weeks. I have two houses in mind that I would really like to buy. Obviously, I am only going to buy one of them, but I am not sure which I like better yet.

I will probably let my wife pick the house that we will end up living in. I like both of the houses, and I will not have any regrets either way. As such, it is more important to let her make the choice, since she will have to live in the house as well. I do not want to leave her out of the decision anyway, because I know that could cause her to be bitter. We have been renting for years, which has not been ideal. I am glad that I will soon own my own house. There is definitely a sense of pride that is associated with being a home owner, so I am rather excited.

I am not to sure about the different amounts of coverage that come with different home insurance policies. In fact, I am kind of confused about that right now. I am going to read more, and maybe that will help me to figure out more. I am going to resist purchasing a policy, until I know what I am getting.